Short and successful

And so another trip to Abu Dhabi comes to an end. This is actually one of the few times that I haven’t had to delay my flight… Lovely! I’ll consider this a successful trip because of that.

These people really know how to push a person’s patience as today I was supposed to start a workshop at 9am but guess what – no one bothered pitching. Hate it when this happens and of course no one apologizes. Worse than Africa time if you can believe that!!!

But it’s over for now and only to come back in October to give training and hopefully they don’t waste my time again…

So now I’m sitting at the Abu Dhabi airport (btw, to anyone that watched sex and the city 2 – that movie was NOT shot here, so nothing was real- and it was a kak movie 🙂 ) if I could just find the frigging gold lounge then i would be there chilling it up… But boarding is supposed to be in 10 minutes, but most probably only in 20 minutes… Never really on time, and i hope tha the flight is also empty so that I can have a lie down and get some shut eye. These late night flights are not good, but at least I get to sleep when i get home and not go to work.

O, and I calculated 16 weeks until my move to Australia – cannot wait. Got some info from people here at Aurecon in Abu Dhabi about good places to live and rent and where not to go. so at least I know of people that come from Brisbane and get chat with them to get the down low. I cannot wait. Just waiting for my contract for work there and then I’ll feel more at ease and then we can finally confirm flights and when to start selling and all that jazz… Gonna be awesome!!!

And once I’ve played around more, I’ll make the site pretty

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