American Fall TV Season… Is the best

So, the Fall TV season has finally started!!!!! And already America’s Next Top Model and Survivor is in my list… And today I got quite a few friends and colleagues already emailing me about how excited they are about Vampire Diaries starting tonight… Of course I just want to see how evil Stefan is going to be… And of course most girls are just drooling… Hahahahahaha

Lots of interesting series also seem to be starting – Terra Nova, Grimm etc (just go to to see some of the new stuff)… And good oldies like Castle, Glee, Fringe etc. Gonna be busy evening full of watching 🙂

In other news, managed to recover from my flight from Abu Dhabi – although I think I was lying down very awkwardly – and now my lower back is quite sore and sitting in a chair is not comfortable – felt like an old man… Of course I didn’t totally relax yesterday – always end up doing some work even when resting. Feel guilty to sit at home and not work when i get like 20 emails

Hopefully will get some time to get around to actually organizing the move… Feel like 16 weeks is definitely not enough time to prepare everything. One of the biggest things that I’m worrying about is what are we going to do with Tigger and Isis? Need to find a home for them – and we don’t actually want to split them up seeing as they’re brother and sister and they’ve been together since the start… It’s sad that we can’t take them over – will cost us R55000!!! And they have to be in quarantine for 7 months. It’s insane!!!!!

But we’ll see what can happen. Just staying positive and a way will be shown to us as what we should do. Need to also take photos of everything because of seeking everything as well… Lots to do and when i think about it, so little time!


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