Lazy Saturdays

so, the weekend finally arrived… felt like it took forever – especially after a busy week and 2 days which hurt my head from too much thinking and information… flying to Abu Dhabi and back, then 2 days of workshops which is part of speccing a process that took 11 years originally in 1 week… craziness! and on top of that, I must’ve pinched a nerve while sleeping awkwardly on the plane because got lovely pains in my lower back and left leg… woohoo! Might have to go to physio if it doesn’t get better.

Good things about weekends is the amount of TV I can watch 🙂 and with all the series starting again, lots to see. Watched Vampire Diaries – all things good and hot to see.

Vampire Diaries cast from Rolling Stone photo shoot

Also new ANTM – and it’s an All Star season… guess Tyra can’t find any good looking girls anymore…

ANTM Season 17 - All Stars

was a bit shocking to see what some people thought of the Alexandra chick, who during a live judging got shouted at by some people in the crowd who went “F%$# you” and “BITCH!” – classy… poor girl was in tears… and wth – Nigel has hair!

Other new shows started was “Ringer” feat Sarah Michelle Gellar


– started off slow and potentially a fail with me – but it ended of with a WTF! moment… then “Secret Circle” – bout a bunch of witches… will give it another few episodes to see what happens with it.

other than that, busy watching X Factor Australia (4 episodes a week) and X Factor (UK) – some amazing talent out there. Still amazes me how there are so many people that audition each year even after there being so many seasons already…

and in other news – I have managed to maintain a 100% prediction rate for the Rugby World Cup in superbru… let’s hope I can keep it up and not make stupid picks later on in the competition

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