Scary but necessary…

So… What a crazy last week I’ve had! Started out last week Tuesday when I got to Deloitte feeling good. That quickly changed because within 5 minutes of sitting, I had the worst pain I’ve felt shooting down my left leg. So I made an appointment to go to the doctor for an injection for the pain so that could function like a human at the office. Anyways, almost cried like a baby driving there because the pain got hectic while driving. Should’ve taken Nigel’s offer for him to drive me… The injection worked a miracle.

Wednesday I got up feeling fine and driving was no issue. Got to Deloitte and the pain was back – but I was waiting for the tablets to kick in – which they never did… So I was in agony most of the day- and Alize from Deloitte kept telling me to go to the doc – so I made an appointment for Thursday morning. Wednesday was a disaster to say the least – could not sleep as the pain was unbearable – actually sleep in the lounge so that Antonio could get some sleep.

Thursday morning was the worst on this planet – I could not move without breaking down in pain. If anyone was at home, they’d have thought someone was being murdered followed by heavy crying – schizophrenic much? After an abortive attempt at showering which left me in tears, I collapsed on the bedroom floor and in tears I phoned Antonio to fetch me to take me to the doc. Phoned my boss – still in tears – and chokingly told her I wasn’t gonna make it. Antonio arrived and dressed me – I couldn’t even do that – and off we went to the doc – with me lying down in the front seat – getting waves of pain shooting down my leg… Get to the doc and am pale in the face and leaning heavily on the counter and the doc looks at me and says ‘en nou?’ – like seriously. I feel like I’m dying. So I lie on the table and she gives me an injection (which felt worse before it felt better) and she phoned Unitas to get an orthopedic surgeon to look at me.

So off we trundle to Unitas – and as usual first gave to check in and get authorization from discovery. Thats chop chop – but then we wait at the couches at reception for 3 hours before I get a bed. They then knock me up with drugs – sweet sweet manna 🙂 through all this, I have my sweetie pie at my side – who is mostly in a state of stress – but tried to hide it. So at 5pm I get whipped off for a MRI – which is stressful enough as you have to lie perfectly still for 20 minutes (of course I didn’t the first time because of my pain) so it had to be redone – then it’s 20 minutes of constant loud noise – they give you headphones – and then you sweat like a pig because it’s a narrow tube with no ventilation and they cover you with a blanket! Oh, and discovery doesn’t pay for it – yippee to that bill.

Anywhoo, I go back to the ward – get fed food and more drugs and then sleep – thank you sleeping tablet 🙂 Friday faces me now with the news from the orthopedic surgeon – and its not totally good. I have a L1/S1 disc herniation – which means the disc between those 2 vertebrae had herniated and pieces of the disc has moved into the nerve canal and is touching my nerves – and that is why I was getting horrible pain in my left leg and why I had pins and needles all the way down to my toes. I was given 2 options – live with the pain (which I would not) or cut it out. Now evenly heard stories about how back surgery should be a last resort – so I was nervous – extremely nervous, but there was no way I’d survive this pain. Just showering drained me of all strength. So I took the surgery route. Means extra time in hospital, 2 to 4 weeks at home mostly on my back and I’m not supposed to fly for 6 weeks… So surgery was arranged for Saturday – and man, was I nervous. Was all alone when they fetched me 8 in the morning… Feels stressful when being wheeled to theatre for such an operation. Once I was inside theatre, the anesthetist went about his work and the last thing I recall him saying was ‘good night’ 🙂

Don’t recall much after I came out – was deur die kak as usual – remember seeing Antonio and that’s about it. Got visitors – my aunt, Tony and Hannes and Antonio – but I was mostly snoring away while the visited. I don’t particularly like high care – it’s busy and noisy and apparently the morphine I was doping up on enhances the senses. And then there was a particular lady that tested the nurses patience. Kept wanting to get up and stuff and the nurses kept having to tell her to stay in bed and they will help her – then yesterday (Sunday) I hear a woman call loudly for the nurse and the nurse goes ‘I told you that you’re gonna fall’ – and yesterday was the longest day in history seeing as my tv didn’t work

I also experienced my first sponge bath – no hottie though – haha. Yesterday got moved to Ward 2B room 7 (for those wanting to visit) – much better – got a window view, nice nurses, getting food served… Of course I sleep badly last night – weird dreams and just feeling sore with all the pipes… The nursing staff also had an impromptu gospel session of 2 songs – the mamas can sing 🙂

So this is my 5th day already in hospital, 3 days after the op and hopefully this afternoon I will be allowed to stand up. Lying down 24/7 is not what it’s cracked up to being…

Thanks to all the visitors and well wishes. Will keep you up to date as things progress. Now to go sleep some more 🙂

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