Home time

So, my lovely stay at UNITAS is coming to an end today. After being in hospital since last week Thursday and having a successful operation, it’s almost time to say goodbye to the team from Ward 2B. So glad that I’m getting to go home, there is only so much sport channels I can watch. And there is so many series that need to be watched.

But back to my hospital visit – I’m definitely not going to miss the 5am wake up call, or like this morning when the nurse came to take my oxygen level at 3am. I am going to miss the friendly faces and the helpful team here. Also, not going to miss the noisy old men that are here and moan a lot – and that’s just about the service – they haven’t even had their operation yet. Going to miss the 3 meals a day that get served to me and them bringing coffee to me when I ask for some. Like living in a hotel – but I guess at the prices that we pay for the hospital, we should be treated like this.

But I’m being discharged at 10:30 – then going to lie in my bed at home. Antonio set the house up nicely – moving the tv into the spare room so that I can lie there and relax and have everything close at hand. And going to be so nice to see my cats. And I can be in charge of downloading all the series I’ve missed.

one of the things I have been missing is seeing all my friends that I work with. A person gets bored with one’s own company… So it will be nice to have people come visit 🙂

In other news, that dangerous website called amazon and the kindle store has led me to my newest purchase – Richard Castle’s “Heat Rises” which was released to coincide with Season 4 of Castle starting on tv. Th one thing I have to say for these books is that it aeries the same sense of humor and styling that is in the TV series. Only on Chapter 3 but it’s already good – dead priest found in a S&M house… Who will the killer be and what is going to happen between Nikki and Rook? He’s already in the dog house because it seems he’s already lied to Nikki.

A book that I finished reading the other day was “Lover Avenged” by J.R. Ward – book 7 in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series – about vampires, their struggles, secrets and love for people that could be bad for them. I’m glad to see that there is a Gay vampire in the story and the author mixes the lives of the different vampires very well. She’s developed the background story of each character vey well – makes you feel for the characters when someone bad happens to them or people around them. I really enjoy her books. Still got 2 to go.

Mari put me on the path of a really good author – Stuart MacBride. His writings deal with a policeman in Scotland, all the problems he deals with, his horny lesbian boss and a lot of other stuff. Was so sad when the series ended and there is no potential date for the next book.

But my favorite author is Karin Slaughter – LOVE LOVE LOVE her books and am really sad when I finish her books because i just want more more more!!!!

Do you have any author that you just cannot get enough of? Oh, and another thing about kindle is the ability to pre-order a book and as soon as it is released it is downloaded automatically to your kindle device! Of course, I’ve already spent a lot of money on kindle books, but I’ll never regret it. Don’t think i’ll go back to physical books. Think I’m also going to buy a kindle for my mom and dad each o that thy van get the books they’ve always wanted.

Anyways, let me get ready for my departure from hospital…Ciao for now

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One thought on “Home time

  1. nigel07 says:

    Hope you’re recovering.

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