The decision has been made

So, last night during ‘intense’ discussion with Antonio, we have decided to fly on 31 December to our new home – but of course, it all depends on flight availability with Etihad – and what could also assist is that I could either see if I could use my frequent flyer miles to get a free flight, or upgrade to business… That will be awesome because paying R16K instead of R25K is always better, and with the rand being in free fall the last week or 2, every cent counts. And Antonio has decided he’s not going to wait a month and then join me there, but he’s going with me immediately – he doesn’t want me to fly alone now after my back operation.


Work is secured

In other news, I finally got some feedback regarding work, and it has been decided that I am going to be transferred to FlowCentric in Australia. That makes me feel more confident because we will be going over and I’ll already have a job… Instead of trying to spend a month to find a job, I’ll already have the security of having one when I get there. Then it’s only for Antonio to look for a job – which he can do easier once we’ve found a place.

Feeling stronger day by day

Regarding my back, after my spinal surgery, I am feeling on the mend. Lying mostly on my back and doing my physio exercises. Antonio was so sweet, he totally reorganized the house and put the TV in the spare room so that I can lie in bed and watch TV and not move around a lot. Also catching up on my series and sleep. Crazy to think I’ve already been home 3 days.

I did have one of my colleagues here for the last 2 days to help her with one of the projects – but it’s quite draining actually. Got some colleagues coming over next week because Pieter is going to Abu Dhabi in my place middle of next week to give training – so I have to give him pointers and guidance. I wish him all the best, because it’s not the easiest to be away from home and still in a foreign country.

But after next week, I’m going to take it easier and ensure I don’t get wrapped up in work and focus more on getting even better… Of course, the airshow at waterkloof might affect my sleeping pattern today (and it freaks the cats out totally)

2 thoughts on “The decision has been made

  1. nigel07 says:

    I flippen hate it when they have those air shows. So much noise!!!

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