Good news Sunday

So I had some good news today (although if I actually read my email it would’ve been Friday) – Discovery actually paid for my MRI scans and x-rays – which totaled R5500 for the MRI and R1000 for additional x-rays. That is a blessing because of our whole Australia trip – and every cent saving is required.

For those that don’t know what a MRI machine looks like, see it below:


Note to you: if you are claustrophobic, you’re going to be freaked out because the tube they put you in is very tight. Plus they give you headphones because of the noise the machine produces.

To read more about MRI, click here. It basically produces a 3D image of your body – so for me it created a view of each vertebrae of my spine and showing where the disc that herniated was in the spinal canal and how it was pressing on the nerves. And as you read, it’s pretty expensive to have one done.

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