Sick leave for the win…

Not really though…  25 days since i was admitted to the hospital, had my surgery and now recovering (3.5 weeks of sick leave from work). I have to say that after the first week of being out of hospital, i really want to pull my hair out. there is only so much time that a person can lie on their back in bed watching tv – and needless to say, there is only so much rubbish on tv that a person can stand. so as you can imagine, there isn’t really much to write on this blog because all i do really is lie around getting better.

currently missing seeing my friends at work, keeping actively engaged – seeing clients and actually doing work. i have been spending time doing some work… but not enough to prevent me from getting bored… only seeing the doctor on 25 october and then he will say if i can go back to work or if i only go back on 7 november. although it might be pointless going before 7 november because i’m not allowed to drive until 7 november!

 in other news, we’ve been watching a british period drama called “downton abbey” – when we started watching the first episode of the first season, i wasn’t really all that interested – but now it’s like i’m missing my fix because we’ve caught up to the latest episode… it’s really a great show – it’s about a rich titled family living in a “palace” called “downton abbey” in the 1910s. it’s filled with drama of the family and the servants, the grandmother (played by maggie smith – such an amazing actress who really steals the show) and the lives of the people leading up to and during the first world war. i totally recommend it – fantastic viewing!’

then we have x-factor usa – it’s fast becoming my favourite music programme – simon is awesome and the talent is unbelievable! we are also watching x-factor uk and x-factor australia – but the usa version is definitely my favourite.

in news regarding the move to australia – we’re currently in the process of identifying the items that we are going to be selling (we’re not taking everything over to australia because we don’t have R50K to spare right now). i have also spoken to kevin – who is the the australian director – regarding working for flowcentric in brisbane – so all is good now, waiting for the official offer letter, but all is mostly settled – so it’s a great feeling to know that i’m moving to australia and have a job already. will be taking leave the first 2 weeks on arriving there to get settled and sort out the necessary paperwork (like getting our tax reference number, joining medicare and all the other delightful admin items).

other sad news is that we have to give our cats up for adoption – if they were to go with us, it’s 7 months in quarantine for them plus R60K for them to be in quarantine.

going to be really heartbreaking for us (so if there is anyone in the pta or jhb area that would like to adopt them or know someone that would adopt cats, please let me know). they’re brother and sister and turn 3 on 23 december. they are such sweetie pies – tigger is extremely loveable and loves being scratched and getting paid lots of attention. isis is a shy girl – but has a playful side to her.

other than that, nothing is really happening in my world. spend my day doing my exercises, going for walks and doing some work – and lying on bed watching tv.

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