Time is becoming short

And so, the final countdown is approaching. 60 days until we wake up and then board the plane to our new beginning. It’s really coming fast now. And even though it doesn’t feel like we have a lot to do – I think that it’s all going to catch up soon.

We are in the process of selling everything – most of the stuff has already been flagged as sold – now to arrange pick up and payment. Then we need to paint the place we’re in before we move – also have to identify what items we’re putting in storage and taking to Australia later. We’re also still looking for people who want to adopt our cats – very sad and depressing for us to give them up. And then December is to relax a bit and then be on our way. I’m really only going to be missing my cats and all my friends and family when we go – but once we’re settled, I’m looking forward to exploring and making new memories.

One of the best things is that my job is sorted already, so the first 2 weeks of January is holiday – getting settled and doing all the required stuff first – like open a bank account, get a tax number, join the Medicare, get a drivers licence and do some exploring (possible to get a Garmin so that we don’t get lost :-)) and then just relaxing – and then starting work. I really looking forward to going.

In other news, this is my last week of being at home – am back at work from next week. Looking forward to seeing all my friends and colleagues that I’ve missed. And then it’s only work for like 7 weeks and then we’re gone.

Got the new Florence + The Machine album – listening to it right now – love her voice. And I finally managed to get the album by Hurts – love the 80s feel to it and I just love the lead singers voice. And we’re still watching series – Downton Abbey is still my favorite show but it’s almost finished – not a very long series 😦

Hope you all have a good week ahead

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