Getting there… slowly

so it’s been quite a while since i’ve last posted. i would say that it is because i’ve been so busy, but there are times where time just went by so slowly…

we’re now down to 16 and a bit days until we hit the sky – but until then, we have to get through december and being at work. this is that time of year when everything at work actually slows down to a snails pace, or you only really have the dreary stuff to do, like update test cases and do testing – clients are all slowing down so no meetings to keep the brain going or writing specifications. it may sound weird to say it, but i wish to be writing a good spec document!

so – what has happened in the last month? firstly, we’ve moved out of our home for 18 months and in with our great friends tony and hannes. they were so kind to offer us accommodation in the last month of us being in south africa. so we sold what we could and gave everything away – so our lives have been reduced to our clothes and a couple of personal items that we are planning to ship over at a later date. our cats got a new home with my parents in uitenhage (and they seem to be adjusting very well to each other).

so all that really remains is to get through this month and then be on our way. we’re trying to spend time with friends and family as well in this final month – as it will be a long time before we see them again. so in the past 2 weekends we went to a friend (who’s also a colleague) and had supper with them. was just great to spend an evening with them and just visit. plus the food was awesome! then we spent the sunday with antonio’s brother and his wife – such a nice relaxing sunday – lying on the couch, reading, watching tv, playing some ps3. was just nice to totally relax.

this past week was busier – was our company year end function thursday, moved offices friday, then friday night we were off to dw eleven-13 for supper (absolutely yummy food), saturday was antonio’s work function at ala turka (yummy food but toooo much) and sunday we did a pre-xmas lunch with a whole bunch of friends (and the ginger glazed gammon i made was demolished šŸ™‚ )

This week is more laid back – it was antonio’s birthday – we didn’t celebrate it because it’s a work week plus they’re super busy at work – will make it up to him later. got mari coming for supper tonight – she’s being a sweetie pie and taking a whole bunch of dvds and books to my mom in uitenhage. saturday it’s off to the codfather in rivonia to have a goodbye lunch with another friend. the rest of the weekend is up in the air.

between all this moving and visiting, i had my moments of depression – it’s exciting to know that we’re moving off to another country to start our lives over, together with one another in a new country, but the reality is also getting to me that moving also takes us away from our friends and family here, we’re leaving our cats behind and also our home that we shared for the past 3 years and a bit. but i did get out of my funk and seem to be heading towards being impatient to go now šŸ™‚ the only scary thing is we still don’t have a place to stay from 2 january!!!!

in the last few weeks, i’ve also started to get back into reading mode – due to a number of factors. firstly, one of my most anticipated books being released as well as seeing a trailer of an upcoming movie that is based on a book. First is the Inheritance Cycle trilogy.

The books in this series are:

  1. Eragon
  2. Eldest
  3. Brisingr
  4. Inheritance
even though the eragon movie sucked, i enjoyed the whole inheritance series. he tied up most of the loose ends, but i have to say that the end felt a little bitty like lord of the rings final moments (of the movie – not the book).

The following series i read is The Hunger Games Trilogy (of which the first book is currently being filmed as the first movie).

the books in this series are:

  1. the hunger games
  2. catching fire
  3. mockingjay

i really enjoyed the series – some of the stuff did feel a bit rushed, and there were moments i got a tad confused, but overall it was enjoyable.

other than that, i’ve got a couple more books to read. these include:

  1. the night circus – erin morgenstern
  2. the help – kathryn stockett
  3. 12 days of winter- stuart macbride
  4. don’t look now – richard montanari
  5. micro – michael crichton
  6. the night eternal – guillermo del toro and chuck hogan
  7. and a whole bunch of other books šŸ™‚

other than that, i’ve got approx 10 more working days left and it’s 16 days until i board a plane bound for brisbane. it feels like work is dragging for an eternity at the moment – but soon it will all be over šŸ™‚

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