Almost there

so – we are now at 22 december – meaning that we have 9 sleeps away from flying away to brisbane. amazing to think that we’re almost there. getting more and more excited – plus things are falling into place.

one of the things that we were slightly concerned about was with regards to where we are going to be staying once we get there. my sister stayed at a guest house for a few weeks before finally finding a place for herself. this is an ok option, but it does start getting expensive. luckily for me, my new boss in australia is very helpful and assisted us in finding a place. we did a basic search online of places to stay in brisbane that were furnished, but it’s a very limited results set. eventually she went to go see some apartments for us last weekend.

2 of the places she went to see are in a suburb called hamilton. they’ve been doing a whole revamp of the area, and there are a couple of apartment blocks that are there. the first one she went to go look at was called portside. a very nice place right by the river, but it’s directly above 6 restaurants – so you can imagine how noisy it can get. it also is right where the cruise ships dock – so you can only imagine how busy it gets there. what’s nice about this area is that there are restaurants, cinemas, gyms, shops and other social places right here.

anne also went to go to a place that is like 500m away – across the road. the apartment block “hamilton harbour” has only been open 3 weeks so everything is brand spanking new. it’s nice to know that the potential bed we’re sleeping in has not been used by anyone else πŸ™‚ after discussing it with her and her sending us some pictures, we decided we are going to try and apply for this apartment. it’s not the biggest place – only 64 m2, but it should be sufficient for us. it also has a river view and a balcony that is fully enclosed, but can be opened. the link to the apartment isΒ the apartment is also on the 14th floor! we are going to have some really nice views.

after applying, we were notified that we got the apartment! it was such great news for us. this means that when we land, we can go directly to the apartment and sleep! it’s going to be really nice having our own place – and am glad that it’s sorted out. only thing we have left to do is to sign the lease when they send it for signing.

i’ve been reading up on hamilton, and it seems to be the current trendy area, lots of revamping and construction of apartment buildings, shops and restaurants. it’s 6km from the cbd, and 10km from the airport – lots of transport options available as well. it’s also close to the major freeway that takes you to the sunshine coast to the north, and the gold coast to the south. sounds very nice πŸ™‚ can’t wait!

other than that, nothing really interesting has happened this week. i’m still working – and sitting at a client basically this whole week testing a solution. really tiring! at least there are very little work days left.

this weekend ahead is christmas… so it’s time spent with friends and family. sadly i can’t make it down to uitenhage to see my parents before we fly – will have to make a plan for next christmas. but we’re spending time with tony and hannes and co for christmas lunch on sunday and then sunday evening to tuesday we’re spending the days with fernando and yolandie. i’m looking forward to spending time with everyone before we go – because as i’ve said previously, i won’t be seeing them for a while 😦

to all i know that have gone on holiday, be safe and enjoy your time with everyone you care about.

be safe




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