The excitement is growing!

so – we are 29 hours from lift off! usually it always feels like time flies, but this last week has felt a bit long – but that is most probably because i’m still at work – but i’ve got only another 1 hour and then it’s bye bye to work in south africa.

this past week has been a good one. firstly it was christmas spent with friends on the day and then in the evening we went to antonio’s brother and stayed there for a few days. was nice to be able to spend this time with friends and family.

on christmas eve, we went to take my aunt out for brunch and to visit with her before we leave. below is a photo of us with her. going to miss her a lot!

christmas was a nice relaxing affair with tony and hannes and a bunch of other friends. loads of food!

other than that, we’ve been sorting out the last admin before we go. got to do final packing tonight and say final goodbyes to friends and family, then tomorrow morning we’re off to the airport to check in and board! going to be exciting times!

will definitely be updating more once we’re on our way and once we get there!

to all my friends and family – hope you have a great new years, all the best for the future, be positive, be caring and love lots! until we meet again!

One thought on “The excitement is growing!

  1. Pieter Nel Kruger says:

    Good luck you guys, wish you all the best on this journey!!

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