We have arrived!

we have finally arrived in brisbane! well, we actually arrived yesterday already, but we were so tired, didn’t have internet and needed to sort our flat out… so this is the first time i am actually sitting down and can write a bit!

our lovely “short” journey” started 1:30pm SA time on saturday 31 december. we left jhb amidst some lovely rain and then had a nice 8 hour flight to abu dhabi. the babies on the plane were horrible. i swear we should ban all kids below 2 from flying πŸ™‚ sorry to the friends who have kids – but the amount of crying we endured through this whole trip was enough to swear anyone off kids πŸ™‚

we landed in abu dhabi at midnight (abu dhabi time – 2 hours ahead of SA) 1 january. we then headed straight for the airport hotel Β to see if there were any rooms available – but were told to come back at 1am because some people would be checking out then. so we went to sit in the lounge and were surrounded by screaming kids again! luckily we got a room at the hotel and immediately went for a shower and then slept. it was a lifesaver – because being awake for so long or attempting to sleep Β in the lounge would have been a disaster.

9:30am abu dhabi time we boarded our next flight which was to brisbane via singapore. we ended up leaving at 11:30am (one hour late because of some passengers being late and because we missed our slot, we had to wait to get a slot to depart). many crying babies were on the flight again… then we had our 7 hour flight to singapore. all planes landing at singapore requires all passengers to disembark – even if it’s just a technical stop. so we landed at 10:30pm singapore time (4 hours ahead of abu dhabi, 6 ahead of SA). so we all got off and then 90 minutes later reboarded. singapore changi airport is HUGE! the size of the terminal and the amount of boarding gates is quite an eye opener… and you would think in such a country there would be free wifi – but there wasn’t. there were 4 computers available to access the internet (which were swamped) and then you could plug your laptop into their network using a network cable. felt so primitive πŸ™‚

we eventually departed singapore at 12:15am 2 january and then faced the 7:30 hour flight to brisbane. was pretty uneventful, still crying babies etc but i managed to get like 2 hours sleep. really want to do a business class flight one day… and get to lie down properly. we landed at 9:30am in brisbane (2 hours ahead of singapore, 6 of abu dhabi and 8 ahead of SA – so it was 1:30am SA time when we landed). so you can imagine how tired we were… lack of sleep plus body clocks totally out of whack. customs and passport control was a breeze – we were out within 45 minutes. was such a relief to be off a plane and finally be in our new home city πŸ™‚

from the airport, anne (my new boss) took us straight our new apartment. the apartment building is really nice and our apartment is lovely. had to do some admin before we got the keys, but that was quick. the apartment is really nice – nice and sunny. and the ducted aircon is lovely πŸ™‚ the apartment gets quite warm with all sunshine it gets.

we also went to do some shopping because there were no towels or fitted sheets. plus we needed a vacuum to get the fluff out of the carpet which is brand new. we also needed to get essentials like toilet paper and coffee – lol πŸ™‚ once shopping was done we went for lunch at the restaurant which is less than 500m away – we’ve also got a “spar” called IGA, 6 restaurants, a gym, a movie theatre and other amenities within that little complex.

we eventually got to bed just before 8pm – and we slept like logs (until the sun rose and we also got up because we have no blinds yet in our apartment!) the apartment is getting it’s blinds today.

i will post photos later – haven’t really had time to take nice pictures – but we are living here now so there is ample time for me to take many photos πŸ™‚

hope everyone had a great and safe new years. to everyone that is starting work today – good luck! and all the best


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