Admin made easy

so, we are about to start day 4 in brisbane. it’s been very nice so far – and today we’re actually already moeg because we had a busy day yesterday.

i promised some photos, so here are just some of them.

waiting in OR Tambo

Antonio lazing about waiting for the Etihad flight to Abu Dhabi

The two of us looking all happy, before the LONG flight

Our moment of bliss on our long journeyOur hotel room view in Abu Dhabi

Our new home - Hamilton Harbour Tower 2 (the building on the right)

so i did take some photos – i still need to take a photo of outside.

we’ve managed to kick the jet lag, after just 2 days. so yesterday we decided to go and do most of our admin, which isn’t really that much. we went to open a bank account – which was pretty painless. we now wait for our ATM cards to be delivered in the post. that took about 20 minutes at the bank which is just walking distance away.

we then needed to catch a taxi to westfield chermside mall – which apparently is the second largest mall in australia. taxi is actually a bit pricey here – cost us $28 to get there and another $28 to get back. now multiply by 8.3 and you’ll see what i say it’s expensive! at westfield chermside, we went to the medicare office to join medicare – which is basically free healthcare – and it’s immediate – no waiting periods. took us 15 minutes or so to actually complete the forms and get our medicare number. we’re on it already, just waiting a few days for the actual card to be delivered via post.

one of the things i really enjoy is the efficiency of the service we’ve experienced so far. walk into a shop, press a button to get a ticket, take a seat and wait until your number is called. luffly! πŸ™‚

once we did that admin, we got antonio a prepaid cellphone number, and got us some boardshorts and thongs (this is what slip slops are called here) and some beach towels (linen and bath goods are called manchester here – no idea why). their terms and lingo here is definitely something we need to learn quickly!

westfield chermside doesn’t actually feel that big – i’m sure we have malls in SA that are a lot bigger.

after our first mall experience here, we then came back to our apartment and immediately went to go swim in the lap pool that we have by our building. going to be sore later because i haven’t swum in ages and i’m extremely unfit πŸ™‚

we haven’t got anything planned yet for today – will be taking it as it comes. two main things are left for us to do – buy a car and retake our drivers licence test… but that will most probably happen next week.

hope you all have a great day!

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