As so starts week 2

to think – this time last week, Antonio and i were 2 hours away from landing in brisbane. it feels as if time has flown by so fast and that the last week was a little bit of a blur.

since we’ve landed, we’ve moved into our new apartment, used public transport (city cat on the river), explored a bit, applied for tax number, opened a bank account, joined medicare, spent money to buy some stuff for the apartment and some clothes (we purged a lot when we moved). i’ve rented a car to start being more self sufficient, taken antonio to the doctor because he got a cold – most probably caught something from the flights and the stress of the move and then the humidity and air conditioning. we’ve booked a car that we are going to purchase – just waiting for the correct colour. and we’ve spent a day at home just chilling.

looking back, it has been quite busy, the dust is settling from the move and now we are ready to tackle week 2. as i am still on leave, we’re going to try to see how to arrange our queensland drivers licences, buying the car and just exploring more. it all just requires us to leave the comfort of nice cool apartment for the heat and humidity outside (it’s supposed to be 35 today).

in other interesting news, there was a qantas flight this past weekend where turbulence was so bad and so sudden that there were 11 people injured on the flight. just brings back memories of our flight last week from abu dhabi to singapore where we had severe turbulence as well. about 5 minutes or so before we hit the turbulence, the captain put the seatbelt sign on and even told the cabin crew to go sit (it was in the middle of supper service). when we hit that turbulence, it was actually quite scary because we dropped a couple feet the whole time. i was actually holding on to the seat in front of me because the drop was so sudden. it was about 10 minutes of serious turbulence before we got through it. don’t know if anyone has experienced that before, but it’s not nice. and then when you see a story on the tv where people were injured because of turbulence, you realise how luck you were.

but enough of that – it’s the start of the new week – let’s get ready to tackle it with gusto! 🙂


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