my precioussssss

ever since i saw the new kia rio last year, i was drawn to it’s prettyness and just general awesome look 🙂 with us moving to australia, i obviously didn’t think of buying one in SA, but i had to contain myself not to stalk the car at the dealership – hehe.

once we landed in brisbane, i started doing my car search, but of course my first stop was kia – i had previously communicated with a dealership here indicating that i’m looking for the 1.6 SLi automatic. initially i was told that they don’t have any in stock because kia isn’t allocating that many to australia at this stage. but luckily within a week of arriving, the dealer informed me that they have a black demo model that kia is lending them. i of course jumped at the chance to go for a test drive. it drives very nicely – the only thing here in australia is that they are really strict with traffic laws, so you can’t speed to test the performance. but at least the drive is really good and the SLi has everything already on the car – no options to add (except parking sensors).

after the test drive, i expressed my interest in buying one – but the salesman initially could not tell me when they’re getting any new ones – they were waiting for the delivery from south korea. and i was also interested in 2 other colours that i saw in the brochure. he eventually found out that they got a car with the colour “latte” coming in within january. i was a bit iffy because i was drawn to the darker colours. but to book the latte, i needed to put down a $500 deposit. i also spoke to the financial officer and he applied for pre-approval for finance for me.

last week i got the good news that the latte rio was going to be arriving at the dealership friday and that i would then be able to go and look at the colour and see if it’s the colour i want. when antonio and i got there, we immediately knew that it’s the car for me 🙂 so we went in and booked it. the finance guy said that my finance was approved (and there was no problem with it – unlike telstra who still refuses to give me a cellphone contract!). what was lovely was that there was such a tense atmosphere in the dealership because my sales guy didn’t tell the other salesmen that i had already booked it and those salesmen had to inform their interested parties that the car was already sold 🙂 i was then told that i could fetch my car on tuesday 18 january. the car first needed to get the paint treatment and windows tinted before i collected the car.

on monday i phoned the dealership to confirm that i could fetch the car tuesday and the salesman asked me for my queensland drivers licence so that they could register the car. he seemed to have forgotten that i’ve only been in oz for 2 weeks – so i had to go take all my identification and utility bill and rental agreement and my whole life again to the dealership so that they could use that to register it. this was done on my first day of work where i eventually only spent like 4 hours at work and 3 hours at the car dealership. my boss Anne was with me the whole time. while we were there, we started pushing them to see if they could get everything done so that i could get my car monday night. so at 4pm they went online to start registering my car – we just managed to squeeze it in before the traffic dept closed. so then the rest of the afternoon we waited for the finance guy who had 4 other people come finalise their purchase as well. i eventually finished signing all documents just before 7pm and then got my car at 7pm.

i was so happy – finally got my own set of wheels! i like my independence and prefer being able to go wherever i want. i really appreciated anne’s help taking us around brissy and fetching me for work, but it’s not something i like to do for long. independance is always better 🙂

so, here are some photos for my new precious 🙂

in SA, the models that are on sale is the 1.2 and the 1.4 l models. in australia, you also get the 1.6 with 103kW. sorry if it seems technical – i just know it means there is more power in the 1.6 🙂 the model i bought was the 1.6 automatic – i love just putting my foot down and the car does everything else. no more manual for traffic! WOOHOO! 🙂

in other news, been at work for 3 days so far – basically the same as in SA, just waiting for the amount of work to increase – currently getting familiar with the projects that are currently on the go here. looking forward to learning more and meeting new clients.

have a great day!

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