Exploring Brisbane and the Surrounds – Part 2

in the previous post, i talked about the first day that my sister was here. this is just continuing that weekend.

friday morning we woke up to rain rain rain. now obviously this is depressing… it’s the height of summer and the sunshine coast and gold coast are not exactly living up to their names. but anyways, we obviously tried to make the best of it. on thursday, i had booked for a show called the “Australian Outback Spectacular”. but that only started at 7:30 (and we needed to be there around 6:30) – so we had the whole day to find something to do. so, off we went to the gold coast to try to find something to do while it was raining outside. usually we would think of going to the theme parks – either Wet ‘n Wild water park or the Warner Bros’ Movieworld, or even the beaches… but this time we looked for some inside activities. i remembered the previous day that we drove past a putt putt venue called King Tut’s Putt Putt – and i though maybe that we would be a good place to start.

so, we went directly there for some friendly competition. they have 3 courses of 18 holes – 2 are inside the warehouse and one is outside. so, because it was drizzling very lightly, we decided to start outside first, just in case it came bucketing down later. now i have to say, the putt putt courses that i’ve played at four ways in JHB, the one at Brooklyn in PTA (before it shut down) and even the one at the boardwalk in PE are more challenging. it is still more entertaining that sitting inside and doing nothing. it was quite competitive – the lead changing back and forth. melanie managed to start off the proceedings with a hole in one and antonio and i also managed some, but in the end, melanie ended with more holes in one. BUT in the end, in the best of 3, i won 2 rounds and melanie the third. i think that antonio and i need to find more putt putt places and ones that are definitely more challenging…

once we finished there, i thought maybe we can go bowling. it’s been absolute ages since we’ve bowled, so we were all rusty. the last time i had actually gone bowling was in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. in Dubai, i would go to the Ibn Buttuta mall and buy a 1 hour block and just bowl bowl bowl. usually by the end of that, i was moeg and my arm was almost dead! but it was always enjoyable (and i managed my highest score of approx 220…). but this time, it was antonio and melanie that out bowled me. was great fun – definitely need to go play a bit more. once we finished off there, we went off for some gelato. i know the weather wasn’t that great, but i was just lus for some yummy gelato 🙂 we all got 3 scoops and just found a bench inside the mall where we could sit and just enjoy the yumminess of it.

the bowling alley

the bowling alley

as we only needed to be at the Australian Outback Spectacular by 6:30, i thought i’d be the early bird and leave surfers paradise early and get to the venue early – as i didn’t want to get there late in the event i take the wrong turn and went on an adventure (more on that later :)) – so we eventually got to the venue around 5:30pm (yeah yeah – early, but i like being early). antonio and i had a quick change of clothes and then we went and stood in line. once the doors opened, off we went inside and when we check in, we got a free hat! how awesome is that! once inside, we were directed like cattle 🙂 to photo booths where they take photos of us. from there, into a large venue where you had the bar, could take photos of horses and the dogs from the show etc. there was also pre show entertainment who sang a lot a country type songs. was cool sitting down and just enjoying ourselves. then everyone was split according to their hats – the hats either had a red band or a yellow band, which is part of the show. everyone went into the venue and once you found your seat, you had your starter (the show included a 3 course meal). our started was a spinach and ricotta quiche. was delicious. once we finished eating, the show began. it started with a video clip on the HUGEST screen (one side of the venue is a white wall where all the cast and horses come out of – and a video is projected on the wall). it started off showing amazing scenes of Australia and the Outback. was really cool how during certain portions of the video, you’d see a horse rider in the video coming towards the corner of the “screen” and then all of the sudden, a real horse rider would come running into the venue from that corner. was really amazing. there were lots of bush stories and “competitions” between the 2 stations (as signified by the red and yellow hats). we were given our main course during the middle of the show which included eye fillet steak with plum sauce (delicious! and they served lots of drinks throughout the show and they were included in the price) – and while were eating the cast of the show were in the middle of the set telling bush stories about horses and Australia. the next portion of the show included telling the story of the legendary horse called Phar Lap – one of the greatest horses ever to be produced in Australia (if it was an american horse, it would most probably get a movie like Sea Biscuit and some other horses got). in the end, there were more competitions on stage and then they also included the audience in the competition. they had the cutest dwarf horses. everyone went like “cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute” 🙂 our desserts was awesome pavlova – and then the final portion of the show was all the cast on horse back doing amazing “dancing” with the horses. all in all, it was a great way to spend the evening (the only thing that ruined my evening was the 2 couples sitting next to me – who arrived late, moaned about the food, argued with the waiters that they were strict vegetarians who didn’t eat eggs and then they demanded the pavlova (like WTF), and then left early. but at least i still enjoyed the show even if they didn’t). i would definitely recommend the show to anyone – great story, great food, great venue and just a great night out.

The Australian Flag outside the venue

The entrance to the venue

Just outside the main hall of the venue

one of the horses

so, even though the day was gloomy and rainy, we actually had a great time.

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