Exploring Brisbane and the Surrounds – Part 3

thursday and friday were rainy, so we were hoping that saturday would be sunny – then that would mean that we could either go to the sunshine coast or the gold coast and either laze at the beach or go to one of the zoos. in the end, it was still rainy, so we decided to go up the sunshine coast to underwater world which is in mooloolaba (yes, the names here are actually quite strange). on the way there, we first thought maybe we could go to the Australia Zoo (the zoo founded by Steve Irwin), but as we got to the turn off, it started pouring with rain – so that just meant that our original plan of the underwater world was where we were going to go.

we were actually starving by the time we got to mooloolaba – because we didn’t have breakfast. luckily, it was 11:30, so it was time for lunch. when we got to underwater world, there was a Hogs Breathe cafe. now, Melanie has been telling us that we should go to one (we tried to in surfers paradise, but the kitchen was closed because it was between lunch and supper) – so we were quite happy to see it was just outside underwater world – and they had just opened for lunch. perfect timing! the speciality at Hogs Breath is prime fillet – so obviously we had to order it. they had a number of varieties. they were delicious! soft and juicy – nom nom nom! and their chips are the shape of pig tails! hehe. once we were finished eating, we were STUFFED! it actually took us until 8pm that night to even start feeling hungry again.

now once we were done there, off we went to underwater world. really cool place – lots of fish and pretty stuff. the sea horses and the otters were my favourite! we watched the seal show – really cute. but it seems pretty standard at all places. then we saw the otter show – the otters were the cutest ever! 2 brothers and another male. real partners in crime. the presenter tied some toys around the place – the one otter was fascinated by the rubber tube tied to a string. he attacked it – going absolutely crazy like it’s his favourite snake that he likes killing! the presenter couldn’t talk properly because she was laughing so much! once the presentation was over, we went through the rest of the place to explore. lots of nice stuff – but i can’t wait to go to a zoo now.

once we were finished, we were thirsty and decided to get something to drink. now, i know there are fans of jelly bellys out there – and i found a jelly belly cool drink! it’s AWESOME! got to find another store within the brisbane area.

we then went for a walk on the beach (because it stopped raining). we ended up walking about 5km – was really nice. the surf was a bit crazy and the water is extremely muddy because of all the rain and storms. luckily this weekend is nice and sunny – planning on going to the beach tomorrow. but anyways, once we finished our walk on the beach, we hit the road back to brisbane (it’s about 90 minutes to the sunshine coast). when we got back, we went to the hot water tub (spa pool) when we got back to the apartment. was nice – and we also ordered pizzas. yum yum!

sunday was the last day that my sister was visiting – we weren’t really lus to go driving around all over the place, so we decided to take a chilled approach to the day. we thought of maybe going to the movies – so a quick check saw that Underworld Awakening was showing. so off we went – it was good action movie – don’t think of following a strong story line, just enjoy it for what it is. eventually we went back to the apartment for melanie to pack. eventually took her to the airport (which had a crazy amount of people being dropped off). off she went, and off we went back home. and guess what – i missed the turn off to our suburb and ended up going on an adventure across the river – and 2 tollgates before we could get home. so annoyed with myself.

it was a good weekend in which we got to enjoy more of australia and see a bit. will plan on visiting my sister sometime this year for a weekend and see sydney a bit.

am looking forward to exploring more of the country!

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