Laziness abounds

if you’ve been a regular reader of my blog (one of my few followers 🙂 ), you’ll realise i last posted ages ago. it’s been a combination of laziness and nothing really to report about. we haven’t really done much since the last post (which once a month ago). life has currently become going to work and back (although i work quite a bit from home as well)… and when i’m not working, i’m just being lazy – watching tv and series.

our new favourite beach is at Mooloolaba – it’s an hour north of our apartment – and it’s lovely. nice waves and perfect water temperature 🙂 we were also at Coolangatta – which is just over an hour south of our apartment – it’s at the lowest end of the Gold Coast and is right on the border with New South Wales (it’s actually got a time zone running through the centre of it – one side of the main street is one hour ahead of the other side. can be confusing 🙂 the south of queensland (the gold coast) is way too commercialised – that’s why we prefer going up to the sunshine coast – it doesn’t have the miles of straight golden beaches like the gold coast, but it’s got lots of lovely beaches that are protected a bit from the ocean.

in other news, i have my drivers licence test this week thursday – hold thumbs i pass with no problem. then i get my QLD drivers licence which becomes like the ID book back in SA. can use it as my identity. antonio has his test on 2 April (Exactly 3 months after we landed in australia).

we’ve been settling in nicely – antonio is still looking for work, but we’re holding thumbs he gets something soon.

anyways, that’s my story for now – have a good sunday and week ahead


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